You are what you think you are.

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Often times, we forget that people treat us how we think of ourselves. How we dress, comb our hair shows what we think of ourselves, be it a diligent young enthusiast or a depressed pessimist. Hence, it is more needed now than never, especially for people who want to improve themselves. In this article, I’m going to highlight the need for self-esteem in the age of today, using examples and finally giving you tricks to increase it.

If you clicked on this article, I am sure that you want to command respect, become more successful, all that good stuff. But how do you get there? Many people might make millions, but in the end they lack this one thing to expand their wealth. Self-esteem. To become successful in the first place, you must think that you deserve it. Think that you deserve respect. Do things that make you think that you deserve and naturally demand respect. The funny thing is that when you think you’re a loser, not only do you actually become a loser, but people will see that you think of yourself lowly, and hence might treat you that way. The more respect that you have for yourself, the more other people will see you as a authoritative figure.

  • Always remember this rule: The way you dress up speaks volume about the positive aspects about you. Never leave home without dressing up the way that you want others to see you as. In fact, even in schools, kids are immediately tabbed by the teachers by how they look. Dress up shabbily and get treated as a hobo. Buy good clothes which last twice as long and stay in fashion for long. Dress up in a clean and crisp ironed suit, and get treated as a king. The choice is yours.
  • I want to tell you a story about the attitude about how your mental image of your job affects your future. When three bricklayers were asked what they were doing, the first one said “Laying brick.”. The second one said, “Making 10 dollars an hour”. Can you guess what the third one said? He said “Building the greatest cathedral known to man.” Years passed by, and he was soon promoted to a contractor in the same company. This powerful example shows that thinking that you are important, and that you have what it takes brings you a long way. You are what you think you are, as said in the thumbnail. If you are a leader, notice how the subordinates act when the leader is stressed. Do they not fidget as well? This is the power of imitation. The way we think about our jobs determine how our subordinates think about their jobs as well.
  • Another thing I want to tell you is that you must be enthusiastic. Nobody likes a sour person. And when I say enthusiastic, I do not mean go around hugging everyone around you (though you should). This excitement should not be only external, but also internal. Build in yourself a 100% happy and progressive attitude, a feeling that says “I am awesome and life is so great right now.” Think enthusiasm and you will be enthusiasm.
  • Give yourself a pep talk several times a day. It might seem a bit silly, but this is what you have to do in order to develop good self esteem, especially for those who have none. Let me show the power of doing this through a story. A car salesman dreaded calling potential customers. He tried giving himself several pep talks throught the day, and boom, soon enough, he was the boss of the showroom. Haha, kidding, I know that was what you were expecting. Before he dialed in a number, he told himself silently that he’s a top notch salesman. He just became more confident in his ability, and might just soon enough become the boss, who knows.
  • Please don’t practice belittling self-punishment. Not only does it kill confidence faster than posting your weird selfies *accidentally* to your friend, it also puts you in a bad mental state. Practice self-uplifting self praise. Seriously, you need to develop an inner cheerleader.
  • Another thing that might help you is an article I had written yesterday. It’s about how to gain more confidence, but you know, self esteem and confidence are pretty much exchangeable. Even the dictionary agrees they are synonyms. Here’s the link by the way:-

Hello, guys! Hope you did enjoy reading this short article that I did in 30 minutes, since I’m trying to emphasize on quantity over quality. The main source for all this great knowledge is *drum-roll* The Magic of Thinking Big book by David J Schwartz! It is a really good read to improve your life with, and it gives you advice no matter your job, or how old you are, this book has something for you. I am still on page 289, so I am going to finish it soon. Aside from that good news, you know what else would be epic? You following. I want to get ten followers by the end of March so I would really appreciate a follow. Plus, you’d be missing out on amazing short tricks and small things you can do to improve your life aspects, like work, social life, or just you.

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Goodbye, and stay chill.



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