Waking up at 6; A war fought for the entirety of my life

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Honestly, to those you who wake up at ungodly hours of the day, I bow my head to you in supreme respect. How do you guys do it? For real, I am frustrated and angry at my own inadequacy to wake up early. Do a hundred pushups daily? Sure, no thing. Read an entire book in a day, I can manage that. But waking up early? Noooooooo sir. Honestly, I am in the process of giving up. All I want in my life right now is to wake up early, get a workout done, and meditate in the shower. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR>?!?!??!?!?!

I have listened to a lot of advice, which has proved all but useless for me. Quit using devices an hour before you sleep has sure increased the quality of my sleep, but still, I can’t wake up early. I just wake up and turn the alarm off. Before I go to sleep, I even read a book so that my mind relaxes. Meditating while sleeping has also not helped me. But yesterday, I figured it out. The secret. The reason why I do not fall asleep on time. I keep tossing and turning. Instead, if I played statue with myself and blinked my eyes slowly, like I was sleepy as heck, then I would feel some sense of sleep creeping up on me. I might have cracked the code, hopefully.

Of course I can’t let you click off this article without recommending you some life advice. I just have to; it’s my purpose on this site. So, here’s what I’ve heard, and out of which, what has helped me.

Quitting using screens an hour before bedtime? Hell yeah. It is so effective, trust me. I have not needed to take a nap anymore, it has the benefits of you having so much better mood plus having more energy. Also, it is good for you, so, do try this out.

Going to bed early, like an hour before, to get the amount of sleep that is needed for you to function properly. This is a complete game-changer. I used a smart watch to track my sleep some time ago, and the data on the phone showed that I was awake in bed for about one hour, before I finally became tired and fell asleep. So, for example, if I want to achieve 8 hours of sleep, I would go to sleep at 9 and set an alarm for 6. This would mean 9 hours of sleep for you. WRONG. You didn’t calculate the time needed for you to fall asleep.

Meditation for sleep. Big yes. It relaxes both your mind and body for sleep. I have done a Medito session on sleep once for sleep. It was pretty weird. It involved me saying Om over and over again, but hey it worked. Again, check out Medito, amazing app.

Work so hard through-out the day that you feel so tired, making you fall asleep like a rock when you hit the sack. I don’t need to explain much about this thing, but you can bet that it works. The OG method.

Making your bedroom dark and cold so that you can sleep better? This epic technique can be manipulated further to avoid bright lights, or use yellow lights so that your brain can understand it is your bed time. This has a lot to do with the day and night cycle of our body. Avoid caffeine at night, just saying.

Waking up and drinking some water? Best way to get awake. Superb method 10/10 would recommend.

That’s about all I remember. Though if some more do happen to come across my mind, I will post them in this article in an edit. That being said, a new day is another opportunity, so I will try again tomorrow. Wish me luck, lads, and I wish you luck in attaining the same goal I have!

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