These two tricks will help you gain confidence immediately

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What I’m about to tell you is part of the book “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J Schwartz. Read that book to extract similiar knowledge that can improve your life.

Confidence is something that only some of us have, while the rest dream and yearn for it. It’s about having the things you want, being able to express yourself and talk to others freely. In my opinion, it’s a habit that can be cultivated. Feeling like you are not confident? Let’s change that.

The reason why you are lacking of confidence is that you haven’t been presented enough chances to speak out your mind in front of other people. Now that you’ve grown up, it has become customary to keep quiet and not say anything about what you really want to talk about. However, don’t blame it on how your parents raised you, let’s instead take action.

This is one of the easiest ways to make you sure of yourself. Don’t shut up in important meetings because you’re just too shy, or you think your opinion is trash. Never, ever do that. In fact, what’s a meeting? Something where people exchange ideas, right? If you talk something that you think is irrelevant, it’s not. You’re helping others think more ideas, and overall bringing a new element to the meeting.

Sit in the first row. Ask questions. Be curious. Don’t be discouraged because of what other people will think of you. In the long term, it is them who will be lagging behind in the great race of life. Talk to that stranger you’ve seen several times near your class. Chances are you will find a good friend in them, just like I did.

The second trick I want to tell you is something unorthodox. I want you to follow my instructions to the T, so that you can do this.

Take a sheet of paper, or a cardboard which is like ID card sized. Write down all the merits of yours. The basic gist of what I want you to do here is to sell yourself to yourself, as in advertise your virtues. For example, if I were to make one, I would make something like:-

“Meet Rochan, the future leader who is here to help everyone realize and actualize their goals. He is confident, loves meeting new people, is a good captain, and is someone who you can bet on to give you actual solid advice. Make friends with him now and call 94XXXXXXXX now!!!”

I know it sounds a bit childish, but sure enough, it worked for me. In the book, it is given that there was a salesman who read this card out everytime he was going to make a possible sale. He too thought it was childish at some point but nonetheless he went through with it and now he is the president of his company, having seeing massive success.

Just like the salesman, before any major event in your life, make this card, and take it everywhere you go. Whenever you feel down or just not ready to address something, take this card out, find a mirror if possible, and just read it aloud to yourself. And I guarantee you, your confidence will shoot through the ceiling.

That’s the end. As for a more personal note on confidence, as a public speaker, it’s common for me to address large gatherings. Plus, really, please just talk to new people. Over the past month, it’s been my goal to make at least 10 new friends at my new school, now I think I might have befriended the entire batch of schoolmates. Help.

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